Student Loan

Counseling Requirements

Loan Entrance and Exit Requirements

Before students can borrow under the Federal Direct Student Loan Program, they must complete a requirement known as an "Entrance Interview". This is not the kind of interview that requires you to get dressed up; in fact, it is not really an "interview" at all.

Entrance Counseling

Manhattan Institute will process Federal Stafford Loans through the Federal Direct Student Loan Program (FDSLP) and will use the Direct Lending Entrance Counseling on-line process provided by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE).  All students will be referred to the appropriate website for this purpose, and assistance will be provided to students experiencing difficulties.

Federal Direct loans will not be disbursed to a student until the student’s entrance counseling has been completed and proper documentation has been obtained.

Exit Counseling

Prior to graduating or upon exiting prior to graduation, student borrowers will be informed of the necessity to complete Exit Counseling.  Student borrowers will be informed of the requirement to fulfill an on-line session via the Direct Lending Exit Counseling on-line process provided by the DOE.  Each student will also be provided an informational brochure and a loan information printout that details his/her indebtedness according to the school’s records.

Student borrowers who leave Manhattan Institute without graduating and do not contact the Financial Aid Office directly will be sent an Exit Counseling packet, including informational materials and a loan balance printout, via mail.  The packet will also instruct the borrower to utilize the on-line Exit Counseling process on the Direct Lending website.