Net-Price Calculator

The Federal "Cost of Attendance":

Federal Financial Aid eligibility is determined based upon a number of different factors, including the "cost of attendance" for your program of study. The cost of attendance includes both "direct" costs (like tuition, books, uniforms, and supplies) and "indirect" costs (like housing and food costs, and the cost of getting back-and-forth to school).

The federal "cost of attendance" is used primarily as a tool for computing eligibility for federal student aid. Actual costs may vary depending on multiple factors (particularly the "indirect costs"). The costs used in the federal cost of attendance are for one "academic year". An academic year is equivalent to the entire length of a student's program at The Manhattan Institute (Medical Assistant program only). Transfer students and other students with advanced standing may attend less than one academic year.

Direct Costs: "Direct costs" include tuition, books, supplies and uniforms. These are billed by the school (net of any payments, financial aid, or approved loans).

Indirect Costs: Most of the indirect costs are "living expenses". Students would likely have these expenses whether or not they were attending school. The Manhattan Institute will NOT bill students for these costs, they are simply estimates to help students plan for living costs and other and out-of-pocket costs while attending school.

The standard cost of attendance budgets are published annually in The Manhattan Institute Catalog, and can also be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid Office. While most students will fall into one of the standard budgets, your budget may be customized to meet your specific enrollment circumstances. Questions? If you have any questions about program costs, direct costs, indirect costs, or how your financial aid is calculated; please visit the financial aid office. We'll be happy to help you!

Net-Price Calculator:

The Manhattan Institute provides this link to the National Center for Education Statistics which has a net-price page to help students estimate their total costs and available financial aid. Of course, this is only a general estimate. We encourage all students to meet one-on-one with our Financial Aid Office to get cost and financial aid information specific to your exact situation.