Why Getting Certified in Personal Fitness is the Best Career Move

Why Getting Certified in Personal Fitness is the Best Career Move

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Personal Fitness Trainer
On April 28, 2016

Are the people in your life constantly coming to you for advice about their nutrition and exercise? If so, you may have considered becoming a personal trainer. There are a lot of ways to get involved with personal training, but if you are serious about your career, you should consider getting certified in personal fitness.

Read on to learn why getting certified in personal fitness is the best career move.

Increase Knowledge

As you work through a personal fitness certification program, you will learn about the importance of nutrition and exercise. You will also learn how to address the needs of a wide variety of clients - from people with disabilities to athletes. Even if you already know a lot about your own nutrition and exercise, understanding the needs of different types of people and how best to motivate them is crucial to your success. The skills and knowledge you learn in your program will prepare you for any personal fitness job, whether you are working in a hospital, gym, or private studio.

Improve Career Opportunities

You don’t need to be certified in order to help your friend work out in your basement, but if you are serious about a career in personal fitness, you need to be certified. Certification opens the doors to many exciting career opportunities.

Although you do not have to be certified in order to practice as a personal trainer, many employers will only hire certified trainers. Even if certification is not a job requirement, it will set your resume apart from other applications, proving your professionalism and dedication to your career.

Earn More

Certified personal trainers earn more than those who are not certified. When you make an investment in your career, it pays off in increased knowledge and recognition. Clients will be more likely to book with you; employers will be more willing to give you a raise. Most importantly, you will have increased skills and business knowledge to help as you navigate the world of personal training.

These skills will allow you to make smart business decisions whether you are working for someone else or opening your own studio.

Getting certified in personal fitness is the best career movie if you are serious about becoming a personal trainer. Learn more about the Manhattan Institute’s personal fitness course and get started on your journey today.