Why CNAs are the Angels of Healthcare

Why CNAs are the Angels of Healthcare

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in CNA
On August 06, 2015

CNAs are an integral piece of the medical team. The performance and success of the doctor and his or her medical staff relies heavily on the CNA. Certified Nursing Assistants are key in making patients feel comfortable and confident in their physician’s care. In fact, that’s your most important role. 

If you are considering a career in the Nursing field, becoming a CNA is a great place to start. In this position, you will learn just how important you are and what role you play in the care and well-being of others.

CNAs Listen

The most important part of any CNA’s day is the one-on-one interactions they have with the patients. Because you see these people every day, sometimes multiple times a day, the repertoire that develops between the two of you is truly unique. 

Your daily check-ins establish you as a reliable source of comfort to the patients, and they are more likely to tell you things that are bothering them in regards to their health. This can be extremely important, especially when you reiterate this information back to the physician and the nurses. 

What the patient tells you may have been overlooked by their doctor, meaning you have the chance to improve the quality of their care and therefore improve and expedite their overall healing process.

CNAs Assist

Of course, Assistant is in the job title, but embodying that role is extremely important and sometimes difficult to do. Your job duties and CNA skills can range from moving equipment to moving patients to completing preliminary check-ups on patients before the doctor arrives. 

These preliminary checkups are important, because you will be the first person the patient sees when they arrive to the doctor’s office. Your warm demeanor will set the tone of the appointment, and it will be your responsibility to put the patient at ease. 
You will also prepare them for their meeting with the doctor.

Your CNA skills are aimed at not only making the patients feel comfortable, but it’s also aimed at ensuring that everything is done smoothly, efficiently, and effectively in order to keep up the rhythm of the hospital, nursing facility, or doctor’s office where you work.

CNAs are Rewarded

Often, rewards do not came in cash envelopes or Christmas bonuses. Rather, it comes from seeing your patients’ health improve and watching them reunite with families. Because you spend so much time with your patients as a CNA, you will often have close contact with their families and loved ones. This gives you an intimate look into the healing process for everyone involved.

You will not only be able to communicate vital health and wellness information to them but you will also be there emotionally for support, to answer questions, and to make patients and their families feel comfortable overall while they’re in the care of your facility. 

Are you interested in becoming a CNA?

CNAs lend a listening ear to their patients, often spending time with them on a daily basis, which is what makes them the angels of healthcare. These intimate interactions, combined with the medical knowledge and experience gained from a strong education, establish CNAs as a trustworthy and reliable source on the healthcare team.

If you are interested in becoming an important member of the medical staff, explore our CNA training course at The Manhattan Institute and learn the CNA skills required to obtain a position.