Which is a Better CNA Training Program: Online vs. Classroom?

Which is a Better CNA Training Program: Online vs. Classroom?

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in CNA
On May 14, 2015

Are you looking to pursue a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant and want to find the right training program in NYC that fits your schedule and your lifestyle? Careers in the medical field have many online training programs that can teach you the necessary skills and prepare you for the licensing exam, but classroom-based programs also exist to give you the hands-on training necessary for becoming a CNA.

Choosing between a CNA license online course and a classroom-based CNA program can be a bit tricky, but this list of pros and cons can help you pick the CNA Training Program that’s best for you.

Pro: Online Courses are flexible

If you have a full-time job, a busy family, or live too far away from an accredited classroom program, online classes can help you learn on your own time. Online CNA programs offer classes at any time, and the convenience of email, message boards, and instant messaging makes communicating with teachers and fellow students easy.

Some CNA license online courses participate in a required chat session wherein the whole class will be online at the same time, but many will open up a message board where students communicate via posts they make on their own time within deadlines specified by the teacher. These online classes will prepare you for the written licensing exam required by every state, but be on the lookout for those online programs approved by the Higher Learning Commission or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education so you know the classes you are taking are legitimate.

Con: Online Courses are limited by changing technology

While many online CNA programs can be accessed from any modern computer with an Internet connection, some computers or web browsers may be incompatible with the software your program chooses to use. These technological limitations can be very frustrating for students and teachers alike, and often assignments can go missed if technology prevents students from finishing work.

Because online teaching is a relatively new concept, some students have a hard time acclimating. Without the classic structure of a classroom, students can fall behind without a teacher realizing until it is too late. Before you sign up for an online program, make sure you and your computer are ready.

Pro: Classrooms are more interactive

Online classes will have message boards and email for easy and instantaneous communication, but without everyone in a classroom together, the interaction can sometimes fall flat. As stated earlier, the classroom format gives the teacher the opportunity to work with each student face-to-face to answer questions and give feedback that may otherwise be missed on the computer screen. Classrooms also promote more interactive learning between students, and group projects are more successful when the students see each other and work together.

Con: Classrooms are limited by location

While CNA license online courses can be accessed anywhere and at any time, classroom-based CNA programs are limited to a specific time and a specific place that may not work with everyone’s schedule. These strict parameters can turn many potential students off, and that’s why many CNA programs offer both online and classroom learning in order to attend to every student’s individual scheduling needs.

Which type of CNA Training Program would you prefer: classroom, online, or hybrid?

CNA programs are offered nation-wide, both online and in a classroom. The flexibility of these CNA programs means it’s easy for you to find one that matches your lifestyle and even easier for you to start your new career.

When looking for an accredited CNA license online course or a classroom-based CNA program, remember to check for the Higher Learning Commission approval so you know you’re getting an education from a legitimate program.  As you decide which type of program is best for you, remember to keep in mind your scheduling needs.

Earning your nursing certification should not be a stressful or exhaustive process. It should be fun, exciting, and educational, and whether it is online or in a classroom, you will want to find a program that works with your schedule so you can insure your education is all three of these things and more!

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