Where Can You Work as a Certified Personal Trainer?

Where Can You Work as a Certified Personal Trainer?

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Personal Fitness Trainer
On December 02, 2015

  • Where Can You Work as a Certified Personal Trainer?

So you’ve decided to start a career as a Certified Personal Trainer. Before getting your certification, it’s important to know what employment opportunities are out there for you and to determine which career best fits your needs.

When researching your personal fitness career options, it’s a good idea to consider not only where you can work, but also how you will work. Will you be content to work for someone else? Do you have the drive to be an entrepreneur and start your own business?

As a Certified Personal Trainer, you have some flexibility with your future job, with many opportunities outside of a traditional gym or fitness club environment. Four of the most common careers you can begin if you’re certified are the following:

  • Commercial Health Club or Gym
  • Industrial-style Crossfit Facility
  • Privately Owned Fitness Studio
  • Self Employed/Own Your Own Business

Let’s take a deeper look at these career paths.

Commercial Health Club or Gym

In a commercial setting, all administrative tasks are completed for you. Receptionists book appointments and the sales team gets you clients. Your job is to train clients, help them reach their goals and keep them coming back.

The range of clients also varies greatly; you could be training someone for rehabilitation, competitive fitness, seniors, or people who are brand new to the gym environment.

Industrial-Style Crossfit Facility

These facilities are usually housed in a warehouse space, typically in an industrial area. Very little in the way of equipment is needed; a good set of barbells, kettlebells, wooden boxes and a few old heavy equipment tires are usually enough to get started.

Often the type of clients attracted to Crossfit are experienced athletes or weekend warriors looking to enhance their strength and performance, so you will tend to get those who more serious about training, which will make your job a lot easier.

The Crossfit space is affectionately referred to as “the box” by its members, and due to the nature of the small group instruction, it generally invites an atmosphere of camaraderie; therefore, a family-like feeling of community is common between the members and training staff.

Privately Owned Fitness Studio

Privately owned fitness studios incorporate a modern, boutique-style of fitness that is usually housed in a smaller space, making them ideal for small group training and private instruction. The studios are often aesthetically pleasing, with cutting edge design, and high end amenities to make both clients and employees feel at ease.

Typically, they offer training in niche fitness markets, such as bootcamp classes, barre or other dance inspired fitness, high intensity interval training, or cycling. Some will even target a very specific clientele, such as body-builders and figure competitors, athletes from a specific sport, or clients with extreme weight loss goals where the focus is on delivering more individualized programs.

Self Employed/Own Your Own Business

Whether you’re interested in private/small group training, outdoor bootcamp-style programs, or niche markets like Mom & Baby fitness classes, the possibilities for your own personal training business are only limited by your imagination!

You set your own hours, decide when and where to work, and what type of clients you work with. You are your own boss and you can set your own rates. Just be sure to get creative with marketing yourself to attract clients as no one else is there to do it for you.

With a little social media know-how, it is easier than ever to effectively network, promote and brand yourself as a personal trainer online. If you have the drive and desire to be an entrepreneur, the sky’s the limit here!

Which personal fitness career will you take?

As you can see, the opportunities are endless in the world of health and fitness. Accredited schools like The Manhattan Institute teach you the knowledge and skills you will need to pass your personal fitness certification exams. A certification and a desire to succeed are all you need to thrive in whatever field you choose.

In as little as 8 months, our Personal Fitness Trainer Course will give you the skills you need to gain a significant career advantage and the knowledge to deliver personalized fitness plans for your clients. The Manhattan Institute has partnered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to offer a comprehensive Personal Fitness Trainer course curriculum that is based on scientific research and the experience of renowned fitness experts.

With our extensive curriculum and hands-on training, the possibilities are endless!