Where Can a Phlebotomist Work?

Where Can a Phlebotomist Work?

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Phlebotomy Technician
On May 01, 2018

Phlebotomists are a crucial part of the healthcare team, and they can work in many different places. Read on to answer the question, “where can a phlebotomist work?”. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities exist.


Many phlebotomists work in hospitals, drawing blood and securing other samples from patients. In a hospital setting, the phlebotomist is usually responsible for taking these samples to the on-site lab for processing and/or mailing samples. As a hospital phlebotomist, you will be dealing with a wide variety of patients - sometimes working in stressful situations. Working in a hospital is a great way to receive experience that can be transferred if you decide to work in another career as a phlebotomist.

Doctor’s Offices

Many large doctor’s offices have their own on-site phlebotomist(s) to make life easier for their patients. As an on-site phlebotomist, you will deal with only the patients from your doctor’s office. If you work in a pediatrician’s office, for example, you will only work with children. If you work in an OBGYN’s office, you will only work with women. Many phlebotomists like the more casual pace of being an on-site phlebotomist because day to day operations are usually the same.


Some phlebotomists work in labs. Patients come to these labs specifically to have blood drawn or provide other health samples. Working in a lab can be busy, but the job allows you to focus the most on drawing blood and securing samples. Most labs are fairly busy so expect to draw a lot of blood as a lab phlebotomist. Thankfully, because you are in a facility that is just for securing samples, you don’t have to worry about having additional job responsibilities added on.

Mobile Phlebotomists

If you like working with people one on one, you may want to be a mobile phlebotomist. Most mobile phlebotomists work for VNA or Hospice, but there are many mobile phlebotomy companies popping up across the country to allow patients the opportunity to have blood drawn in the comfort of their home. Working as a mobile phlebotomist will require travel in addition to other job duties

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