What Professionals Do EKG Technicians Work Closely With?

What Professionals Do EKG Technicians Work Closely With?

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in EKG Technician
On November 30, 2018

EKG technicians are an important part of every cardiac team. They help provide definitive testing that is crucial to patient health. While the majority of an EKG technician’s time will be spent testing and working with patients, he or she will still spend a lot of time working closely with other healthcare professionals. Read on to learn what professionals you’ll work closely with in an EKG technician job.

EKG Technicians’ Coworkers

You will likely talk to each of your patients’ attending physicians, as they will be reviewing the EKG you administer. It’s important to strike a balance between sharing everything that is relevant and keeping the conversation brief so that they can get to all of their patients. You will also work with nurses of all degrees, patient care technicians, and other healthcare professionals. Of course, you will also spend quite a bit of time with your patients, many of whom may need a calming influence throughout the testing procedure.

Social Aspects of EKG Technician Job

Taking the time to get to know your coworkers will help you excel at your job because it will help you like it more. It will also make teamwork and collaboration flow more smoothly on a day to day basis because you will know and understand your coworker’s personalities, pet peeves, and motivations. Depending on how isolated the EKG department is from the rest of the staff, you may need to make an effort to get to know your coworkers. This is a worthwhile use of your time as long as it never interferes with your job duties.

EKG Technician Requirements

Becoming an EKG technician isn’t as difficult as you might think. Just enroll in an accredited EKG technician program, complete the training in as little as 3 weeks, and pass your certification. It’s really that simple, and before you know it, you can be working on your dream job in healthcare: helping people monitor and improve their heart health.

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