What is an Externship in Healthcare?

What is an Externship in Healthcare?

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On January 25, 2019

So, you’ve already heard of internships — but what is an externship? Externships, a large portion of many of our online programs, allow students an opportunity to practice the skills they’ve learned in class. Read on to learn all the details of what an externship is.

What is an Externship?

Externships are similar to internships, though they do differ in a number of ways. Both are formal opportunities for students to put their skills into practice. Externships are usually more flexible and less time-consuming than internships. They are usually also offered through the school’s program and are tied closely to practicing a wide variety of skills learned in lectures and class, rather than diving deep with a narrow focus for specialization.

How Long is an Externship?

Externships are considerably shorter than internships, which typically last 1-3 months. Externships can be as short as one day, but typically last between one and three weeks. The length of an externship is determined by the program around which it is built, the partner employer and state requirements. Externships are typically completed during the course of the school year, whereas internships are more likely to be completed over winter or summer break. Depending on the nature of your healthcare externship, the timing and length will vary.

Are Externships Paid?

Some externships, like some internships, give students an opportunity to earn income in addition to experience. Paid internships and externships can be rare to find, but they do exist. Choosing a program with a paid externship is an excellent way to offset the cost of your education. Many of the programs at The Manhattan Institute include paid externships as part of the training process.

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