What is an Allied Health Professional?

What is an Allied Health Professional?

By Manhattan Institute
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On November 04, 2015

When people think about the healthcare industry, most only consider doctors and nurses. However, the field offers a broad selection of positions for other medical professionals. With healthcare spending projected to reach 20% of the U.S. economy within the next six years, there is greater career opportunity in the healthcare field.

Comprising nearly 60% of the workforce, Allied Health Professionals is one such career path that can jumpstart your career and offers growth opportunities for future advancement. But, what is an allied health professional? Allied Health Professionals contribute to the care and comfort of patients, both in diagnostic and treatment settings.

Promote Healthy Living

As more healthcare experts advise the public to shift attention towards prevention and wellness, Allied Health Professionals – like Personal Fitness Trainers – play a solid role in preventing illness and promoting health living. Additionally, many Allied Health Professionals provide patient care, which enhance the quality of life for the patients and their loved ones.

Take care of integral administrative tasks

While other allied health professionals do not provide direct medical care, they make sure that the billing for health care services is done correctly to maximize insurance or government reimbursement.

For example, Medical Billers – an Allied Health Profession – are responsible for making sure that the insurance companies honor patients’ coverage and that patients remain on top of their payments. Medical Billers work closely with the patients to help them understand their medical bills and encourage them to meet their responsibility for payment.

Faster and more affordable training

Becoming an allied health professional not only takes less time but also does not require formal education. There are many healthcare vocational schools that can train you to become an allied health professional at an affordable cost.

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