Unique Job Opportunities for a CNA

Unique Job Opportunities for a CNA

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in CNA
On November 12, 2018

Have you been thinking of taking Certified Nurse Assistant courses, or wondering what you can do with a CNA certification? The answer is, more than you think. If you’re curious about CNA job opportunities, read on to explore the skills of a CNA, CNA employment opportunities, and jobs for a CNA.

Skills of a CNA

There are quite a few skills required to be a CNA — especially to be a good one. Thankfully, most of these skills are taught in an accredited CNA training program. However, some of the most critical skills of a CNA are learned through experience, like active listening, communicating effectively, observing small details, following rules and procedures, organization, time management, and most importantly, compassion and empathy. Many of these skills also translate well to different career tracks.

CNA Employment Opportunities

It’s important to remember that CNAs can work in a number of different environments. While many CNAs do work in hospitals or doctor’s offices, there is also CNA work available in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult care facilities, and in the homes of individual patients. Finding the right environment for you is a process that should not be underestimated. You may need to try a couple different positions before you find the one that really fits with your skills and personality.

4 Unique Job Opportunities for a CNA

Often times, people decide to branch out after trying a certain medical field. Thankfully, a CNA certificate prepares you for many different career opportunities. Some of the more unique job opportunities for a CNA include: camp or school nurse, healthcare content writer, medical transcriptionist, and activity director/assistant. These are all opportunities available to those with a CNA certificate, but they aren’t the only options. Having your CNA also prepares you for any job not requiring a different degree.

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