Top Resources for Finding a Job in Healthcare

Top Resources for Finding a Job in Healthcare

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On November 11, 2016

One of the best things about choosing a job in healthcare is that the field is growing. As baby boomers age, they require more healthcare professionals. At the same time, they are leaving the field to retire, opening up new opportunities for the next generation to take their place. But just because the healthcare field is growing doesn’t mean you will find a job without looking. Check out these top resources for finding a job in healthcare and find your dream job today!

Health eCareers

Health eCareers is a website dedicated to careers in the healthcare field. They have a job board, a salary calculator, and plenty of information about interviewing and finding the right job. They also have a new product called Shift which allows you to find temporary healthcare work that fits your schedule. This unique product is perfect if you are looking to work per diem or in a temporary position.


Everyone has heard of, but it’s the number one job board for a reason. This website has the most comprehensive listing of current job openings and is a great place to start your job search.

Personal Branding Blog

When it comes to finding a job, it’s all about branding yourself. From your resume to the clothes you wear, you want to make a positive impression on your potential employers. This website is one of the best for modern career advice. Spend some time browsing to help you prepare for your interviews.


Typos and bad design can land your resume in the dreaded “no” pile before you’ve even had a chance to interview. The personal branding blog will help you build your own resume, but if you would rather leave it to the professionals, Upwork has thousands of qualified freelancers who can write, design, and/or polish your resume for you.


Curious if that hospital is a good place to work or worried your potential employer is lowballing you on your pay? Glassdoor offers employee reviews and personal salary estimates based on today’s job market and your qualifications. This is invaluable information when negotiating salary!

Use these top resources for finding a job in healthcare and you will be well on your way to your dream healthcare job. Still need to get certified before you start your job search? We can help!