Top Medical Study Resources for Students

Top Medical Study Resources for Students

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On December 28, 2016

Studying for your dream medical career can be challenging, but there are plenty of resources out there to help you be successful. No matter what you are trying to learn, check out these top medical study resources for students and ace your upcoming test. Plus, you'll develop a better understanding of the knowledge needed to be great at your job.

Top Medical Study Resource for Vocabulary - Quizlet

Quizlet is an online flashcard and quiz website that will help you study any set of words you need to learn. There are thousands of study sets on the website, but you can also create your own wordsets to study. This website (and the associated apps) enable you to take your flashcards with you everywhere you go so you can study for your upcoming test with every spare second you have. Put that time you spend on line at the grocery store to good use by learning the bones of the body (or anything else you need to learn) with Quizlet.

Top Fun Medical Study Resource - Picmonic

Picmonic is a highly visual collection of mnemonic devices that will help you memorize all of the health-related information you need. This is a paid service, but they do offer a free trial. It is the perfect study resource for visual learners and anyone who gets bored with traditional study methods. Make learning fun and remember more withPicmonic.

Top Medical Study Resource for Quick Definitions - Bio Dictionary

Bio Dictionary is a handy app that will give you the definition of any biological term quickly no matter where you are. The app will even pronounce the word for you so that you will know how to say it. This is a great app to have on you for when you need a quick look-up of a new term you encounter.

Top Medical Study Resource for Learning Parts of the Body - Pocket Anatomy

There are a lot of bones and muscles in the body! Who knew there were so many pieces to learn? Thankfully, Pocket Body is an app that you can take everywhere you go that will help you memorize the parts of the body quickly and efficiently. This is great for students just starting in the healthcare field who need to get up to speed quickly on the parts of the body.

These four study aids will help you through your healthcare studies no matter what course you are working on. More importantly, they will help prepare you to be successful in your chosen career. What's your favorite medical study resource for students?