Top Duties of a Pharmacy Technician in a Hospital

Top Duties of a Pharmacy Technician in a Hospital

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Pharmacy Technician
On February 09, 2018

We’ve talked a lot about how technology is changing pharmacy technician jobs (as well as the rest of healthcare), and that’s the case especially for pharmacy technicians in hospitals. Read on to learn the top duties of a pharmacy technician in a hospital.

Stocking Machines

There are many pharmaceutical machines in modern day hospitals. These machines dispense medications to nurses when a dose is due. Each floor will have different medications stocked depending on what is most frequently used, and they will be refilled throughout the day as quantities fall below certain minimums. In addition to these regularly stocked medications, other medications patients on the floor need will be added to the machine once or twice a day. The medicines will be pulled by a pharmacy technician, separated by floor, and then delivered.

Delivering or Compounding IVs

1-2 techs will compound IVs for the entire hospital, including chemotherapy, NICU dilutions/fluids, and narcotic drips. This is a job where attention to detail is key. In some larger hospitals, this may be a full time job in itself. Pharmacy technicians are also responsible for pulling and delivering pre-mixed IV fluids to various floors throughout the day.

Delivering Medications

As a pharmacy technician in a hospital, you will likely spend a lot of time delivering medications all over the hospital. Some floors won’t have certain medications. Throughout the day, you will receive calls to deliver these medications - usually narcotics, missing doses, new orders, or emergency medications. They will need to be pulled, sorted by floor, and delivered.

Phones & Billing

Hospital pharmacy technicians receive phone calls from nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals throughout the day. They need to answer these calls and respond to requests promptly. Hospital pharmacy techs may also be responsible for crediting unused medications in billing and other secretarial/billing needs pertaining to the pharmacy.

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