Top 5 Allied Medical Training Articles of 2018

Top 5 Allied Medical Training Articles of 2018

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On December 22, 2018

Before we put 2018 behind us and head into the new year, let’s take a moment to look back at everything that we’ve learned this year.

Manhattan Institute’s staff and students have shared an amazing amount of knowledge in 2018. We’re eager to share this knowledge with potential students, and provide some of our best tips in our blog posts.

Here are the top 5 blog posts on allied medical training from 2018:

How to Become a PCT

Becoming a patient care technician (PCT) is a great way to improve the everyday lives of patients in many different working environments. Check out this article that lays out everything you need to know to become a PCT, or jump right into information about patient care technician courses.

How Much Do EKG Techs Make?

If you’re making a decision about new job training, wouldn’t you wonder how much your future career could pay? Knowing what to expect after graduation is important, and can be motivation to get started on a new career path. This post from February 2018 collected EKG tech salary using both national and NYC data to provide useful estimates.

CNA in a Hospital vs. Nursing Home

In healthcare, some of the most popular career paths offer their professionals the option of choosing what their working environment looks like, and becoming a certified nurse assistant (CNA) offers those same choices. Learn how the day-to-day activities of a CNA can differ in two unique settings: hospitals and nursing homes.

A Typical CNA Work Schedule

A question just as important as where you work might be when you work. Will you be working 8 or 12 hour shifts? Days, nights, weekends (or a rotation of all three)? Potential CNAs should know what to expect as they prepare to join their professional peers.

CNA vs HHA: What’s the Difference?

Sometimes different healthcare careers will have similar or overlapping duties in order to provide the absolute best care to patients. A great example is comparing the roles of a certified nurse assistant (CNA) and a home health aide (HHA). This post can help you understand how both positions provide essential services in difference healthcare environments.