Tips for Starting a New Healthcare Job

Tips for Starting a New Healthcare Job

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On May 17, 2017

You spent a lot of time preparing for this. You’ve landed a new healthcare job, and you can’t wait to get started - but first day jitters are bound to pop up. If you’re nervous about your first day (week, month, and year), we have 4 tips for you to start your new healthcare job on the right foot!

Learn All You Can

Take advantage of your training and orientation period. Many people try to show their competence by moving out of the training period as quickly as possible, but that’s a mistake. Take your time learning your new job duties and responsibilities. Ask questions about procedures that you are unsure of. Now is the time when your boss and co-workers expect you not to know everything. If you try to look like you know it all before you really do, you will be setting yourself up for failure. Asking questions doesn’t make you look stupid; it makes you look like someone eager to do the job right.

Don’t Get Caught Up In the Drama

Every workplace has its drama, and this one will be no different. Be careful not to take sides, especially early on in your employment. You don’t want to accidentally align yourself with the wrong people during your first week. Be respectful to the people around you. Get to know everyone, whether they are the janitor, a co-worker, or your boss. Treat people well, and for the most part, they will return the favor.

Don’t Rock The Boat… Yet

You’ve got a fresh set of eyes, and you may have just finished training. Those are a good combination for seeing areas ready for improvement. Don’t jump right in and start trying to change systems or procedures, though, or you’ll ostracize your co-workers and your boss. Spend a few weeks or even months getting established before you start making suggestions for better ways to do things. Still, you might want to keep track of your ideas in a notebook or somewhere so that you can pull it out if asked or when the time is right.

Set and Learn Expectations

Now is the time to make your impression, but don’t go crazy trying to overachieve. You don’t want to be the last person to leave or put time in outside of work hours when you are first starting out or it may become expected. Do your best work, but don’t overwork yourself so much that you burn out. Also, now is the time to learn the expectations for you. Ask your supervisor occasionally what you are doing well and what you could be doing better - and be ready to act on the answer.

Starting a new healthcare job can be intimidating, but if you keep yourself free of drama, manage expectations, and learn everything you possibly can, you’ll be well on your way to success.