Tips for Relocating to NYC

Tips for Relocating to NYC

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On June 08, 2017

So you’re making the jump and moving to the Big Apple - congratulations! But before you get pack up and head to the big city, there are a few things you need to know. The following tips for relocating to NYC will prepare you for the nuances you most likely wouldn’t expect.

Do Your Research About Apartments

New York City is big, and there are 5 different boroughs, each with tons of neighborhoods. It’s overwhelming, and some landlords or brokers may try to take advantage of your since you aren’t as familiar with the city. Always double check apartment information (neighborhood, size, proximity to subway, etc.) before signing a lease.

Minimize and Organize

By moving to the city, you are probably downsizing. Not only will your apartment be smaller than you are used to, but you will also have to get used to carting everything you need for the day with you on public transportation. Don’t move anything to NYC that you don’t need or absolutely love. And be sure to invest in good shoes and good bags to help you through the commute.

Walk. A lot.

Manhattanites have some of the lowest obesity rates in the country, primarily because they walk everywhere. Even if you aren’t going to be living in Manhattan, moving to NYC will probably dramatically change your level of activity. Prepare for the move by taking multiple long walks each day so you don’t have to spend your first few weeks trying to keep up.

Know Your Budget

The city can be expensive, and rules of logic that work elsewhere may be completely opposite here. If you are living by yourself, it may actually be cheaper to eat out than to eat in. If you are relocating to NYC, know your budget and be prepared to make some sacrifices - especially if you are coming from somewhere with a lower cost of living. You may have to cut some things you are used to (dishwasher, closet, morning coffee, etc.) in order to stay within budget.

Relocating to NYC may be stressful, but if you take advantage of these tips, your move should be simpler. Looking for a new career to go with your new living situation? At Manhattan Institute, we train allied health professionals to compete in the NYC job market.