Tips for Balancing School and Life

Tips for Balancing School and Life

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On April 28, 2017

Going to school is like a full time job, and if you already have a job and/or family responsibilities, you probably need a little help juggling it all. We’ve got some tips for balancing school and life that should help keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Take Care of Yourself

This may seem counterintuitive, but the most important thing you can do to keep up with your responsibilities is to take some time for yourself. Get enough sleep. Relax. Eat well. These things are imperative to keeping yourself healthy, a necessary precaution if you want to minimize downtime. Don’t neglect yourself because you are too busy or your body will rebel, leaving you unable to do anything until you rest sufficiently.

Get Organized

If you are super busy, you might know all about making lists, but how organized are you really? Do you have a physical planner, a Google calendar, and a whole bunch of stuff swimming in your head? Stop spreading it all out. Compile all of your important dates and information in one place. Whether you go digital or physical is a matter of preference, but whichever you choose, it should be with you at all times.

Plan Your Meals

Figuring out what you are going to eat (or what to feed the kids) takes its mental toll and plenty of time each day. Stop stressing about it every day and plan your meals out weekly or monthly. Take things a step further and make your meals ahead each week by bulk prepping lunches and breakfasts and making freezer meals. When you’re balancing school and life, minimizing the time you spend thinking about and preparing meals is a great way to make more time for yourself.

Put First Things First

The key to balancing school and life is knowing what your priorities are. Your job is important because it pays the bills, and your education is preparing you to pay the bills well into the future. Your family means the world to you, and you just feel like you don’t have enough time. With each day comes an endless list of choices, and it can be overwhelming to know you can’t do it all. You are only one person. Prioritize to the best of your ability, and remember that sometimes you will drop the ball. As long as you are doing the most important things on your list each day, you will be advancing towards your goals.

We know that balancing school and life is a challenge which is why we offer flexible classes to meet a wide variety of schedules.