Technology Used In Medical Billing & Coding

Technology Used In Medical Billing & Coding

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Medical Billing & Coding
On August 14, 2018

Medical coders and billers have many responsibilities, but thankfully technology has made one of the most cumbersome parts of their jobs a lot easier. Long gone are the days of using piles of books for medical billing and coding. With advances in technology, medical billing and coding softwares have greatly improved. Read on to learn more about the technology used in medical billing and coding.

Role of Software in Medical Billing & Coding

Software is incredibly helpful in medical billing and coding. It saves healthcare professionals from having to recall hundreds of complex codes on the fly, leading to less errors, faster billing, and better records. However, while software can do most of the work, medical billers and coders still need medical billing and coding training. In order to use these technologies, proper training is required. But more importantly, it’s necessary that medical billers and coders have a good enough grasp of the codes so that they can make sure the software is not making any mistakes. Even though the software is there, it’s still crucial for medical billers and coders to have a familiar understanding of all codes.

Medical Coding & Billing Software

Medical billing and coding uses software known as encoders to assist in assigning alphanumeric and numeric codes. There are many different medical coding softwares available. Lytec is a software that maintains an encrypted database for medical information. Medisoft allows for taking payments and reporting accounts that are past due. Ingenix helps cut down on medical expenses, manage facility claims, and increase savings opportunities. Medical billing software automatically tracks account functions, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. It also automatically manages claim submissions.

Benefits of Using Software

Using medical billing and coding software improves the accuracy of coding, reduces human error, and ensures proper documentation. It also makes it faster to research and code and allows for more accurate reporting of medical transactions. Using a robust software suite can cut down on common billing and coding mistakes, but only if the employees using the software are well trained.

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