Steps to Becoming a Medical Biller in NYC

Steps to Becoming a Medical Biller in NYC

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Medical Billing & Coding
On July 26, 2016

So you’re great with numbers, and you want a career in healthcare? Sounds to me like you’d make a perfect medical biller! Medical billing is a growing career field with a low barrier of entry. As a medical biller, you will be responsible for keeping hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare facilities running financially.

Read on to learn the steps to becoming a medical biller in NYC.

Get Educated

First thing’s first. You’ve got to get your education. While medical billing is open to anyone with a high school diploma or GED, many employers only hire those who are certified. All you will probably need in order to enroll in medical billing certification courses is a high school diploma or its equivalent, though there may be additional requirements depending on the program. Most programs can be completed in less than a year so you can get started in your new career quickly!

Find a Job

Once you have received your certification, it’s time to look for a job. Start by asking the people in your network if they know of any positions. If you don’t find a job through those leads, it’s time to start hitting the pavement. Check out popular sites like Monster and Indeed.

Visit local hospitals and doctor’s offices to see if they are hiring. While you are searching, be sure to update your resume. If you’re not a writer and designer, it may be worth it to hire someone to write and design your resume for you. Having a well-written, error-free, well-designed resume is absolutely crucial to your job search.

Get Working

Once you’ve found your job, there’s still work to be done. You will likely receive substantial on-the-job training since different medical offices have different workflows and softwares. Once your training is ended, you’re a full-fledged medical biller! Congratulate yourself on a job well done, and enjoy the job you’ve learned to do.

For more information about becoming a medical biller, check out The Manhattan Institute’s medical biller course. We’d love to help you start your new career as a medical biller in NYC!