Resume Tips for Getting a Medical Assistant Job

Resume Tips for Getting a Medical Assistant Job

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On May 28, 2019

Earning your Medical Assistant diploma is the first step in starting a new new career. Once you’ve completed your training, the next step is to get a job in your field. Here are four tips to make your resume shine as you’re applying for jobs.

Keep it Clean

Resume reviewers spend as little as six seconds looking over your resume before they decide if it moves forward in the hiring process. Resumes that are cluttered, too long, or have spelling and grammar mistakes are immediately weeded out.

Keep your resume to one page maximum and ensure your name and contact information are clearly listed at the top of the page. Also, list any outstanding qualifications such as certifications or multiple languages spoken near the top as well.

Customize Employment Info

When starting a new career, it’s important to show employers which transferable skills you have. As a medical assistant, you’ll want to showcase any job duties that involved clerical work, customer interaction, bookkeeping, or insurance and billing. Show potential employers that your training is relevant, even if your previous jobs were not in the medical field.

Highlight Accomplishments

In addition to showing relevant job skills, be sure to highlight any accomplishments with previous employers. Did you win any awards or recognition? Head up special projects? Work your way up the ladder at a company? If so, share it on your resume! These accomplishments let employers see where you shine and can open the door for opportunities you didn’t even know were available.

Get Professional Advice

Once you’ve drafted your resume, ask a pro for a quick review. Check to see if your school offers career placement services, or seek out the help of a mentor or other professional who is in a leadership position. Ask them for feedback on your resume, and to let you know what qualities they look for when hiring new candidates.

Starting a new career can be daunting, but with The Manhattan Institute, we’re here to help you.

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