Patient Care Technician Resume Tips

Patient Care Technician Resume Tips

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On September 28, 2018

Need a stellar patient care technician resume so you can land your dream job? Read on to learn 3 patient care technician resume tips that will move your resume straight to the top of the stack.

Read The Job Description Carefully

You should already know what job qualities employers look for and all the things a patient care technician does, but make sure to carefully read each specific job description regardless. All that reading can add up, especially if you are applying for tons of jobs at once, but it turns out that matching your resume to specifics in the job description can pay off big time. Start with a resume template based on your education, work history, and volunteer experience, but then tweak the wording to match specific phrases in the job description. Using this specific language means you’ll show up on automated resume scanners, and even if a live person reviews your resume, they’ll be more likely to recognize you as an ideal candidate because your resume aligns so closely with what they are seeking.

Be Honest, But Don’t Be Afraid to Brag A Little

Obviously, don’t go so far in matching the job description that you say you have experience you don’t actually possess. Your resume should be an accurate representation of your skillset and experience. But don’t sell yourself short, either. Many newly-certified patient care technicians are wary of putting their achievements on resumes because they’re afraid they will look overly confident. Your resume should include your achievements.

Data Sells

Don’t just list job duties in your work experience; list achievements as hard statistics. Rather than saying that you helped 10 residents get ready each morning, say that you completed 10 morning routines in less than 2 hours, all while keeping 72 different medicines sorted and accounted for. Use numbers wherever you can; hirers respond to them, and they jump out from the page as your resume is being scanned.

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