NYC Phlebotomy Training: What You Need to Know

NYC Phlebotomy Training: What You Need to Know

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Phlebotomy Technician, Students
On May 19, 2015

Are you interested in pursuing a career in medical care? Are you drawn to phlebotomy but unsure of what it is and you should expect as a certified phlebotomist? Here’s everything you need to know about how to become a phlebotomist in NYC. 

What Does Being a Phlebotomy Technician Involve?

As a phlebotomy technician, you will be an integral part of the hospital and healthcare team. Your main responsibility is drawing blood samples from patients and transport them to the office or lab where they will be examined. Your on-site duties include prepping the patient for the procedure, assembling the necessary equipment, and finding the vein in order to insert the needle correctly and painlessly.

You will work directly with lab technicians during the transport of the blood samples, and you will be responsible for organizing the results and presenting them to the doctor. If this sounds like something you are interested in, your next step is finding an accredited Phlebotomy Training Program in NYC.

How Can I Find an Accredited Phlebotomy Training Course?

Lucky for us, New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world. There are many amazing phlebotomy training programs and schools that can prepare you for any career, including healthcare and phlebotomy. 

In Manhattan, right here on 34th Street, the Manhattan Institute offers an extensive phlebotomy technician training program that you can complete within 3 weeks when you attend full time. We provide all the equipment and supplies you need to succeed in school, and our healthcare career advisement and placement program will find you the perfect professional fit once you graduate.

What Can I Expect in My Phlebotomy Classes?

Basic math, English, and communication skills are necessary for phlebotomy, but your training classes will be geared specifically at the duties required of a phlebotomy technician.

Courses are a combination of lecture and hands-on experience. You will familiarize yourself with all the equipment used by phlebotomists, including needles, tourniquets, and alcohol and other disinfectants, while also learning the appropriate procedures.

Our classes at Manhattan Institute will also help you develop a calming and professional bedside manner. As a phlebotomist, you will be responsible for preparing the patient for the procedure, both physically and emotionally, and having a great personality and being well-versed in your field will help you generate great rapport with your patients.

Do I Have to Pass a Licensing Exam to Become a Phlebotomy Technician?

In the state of New York, you are NOT required to take the license examination. Once you complete your training at Manhattan Institute, you will be eligible to work anywhere in New York. You may choose to take the exam if your employer recommends it or if you simply want the extra certification for future employment. 

Other states require you to pass the licensing exam, and if you plan on moving or working outside of New York, you may want to take the exam. The exam itself varies from state to state, but all of them will include anatomy and physiology questions regarding the circulatory system as well as safety procedures, patient care, and knowledge of the professional, state-wide standards.

Your training and classes will prepare you for this exam, so there’s no reason to be nervous if you plan on taking it. We are all here to help you succeed!

Are you ready to become a NYC Phlebotomist?

We hope this answers any early questions about how to become a phlebotomist, including the required training, classes, and certifications. Remember, you are not required to take a licensing exam in order to become a Phlebotomy Technician in NYC, but you must pass all of your classes before you can apply for positions in the city.

At Manhattan Institute, we will train you on the equipment, the procedures, and the patient care that goes into becoming a professional phlebotomist. Additionally, our career services will connect you with local hospitals and doctors looking for skills phlebotomists, and we will work with you to find the perfect professional fit for your skills. Apply now to become a Phlebotomy Technician. Our agents are waiting to help you with whatever you may need!