Key Components in a Dialysis Technician Course

Key Components in a Dialysis Technician Course

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Dialysis Technician
On June 12, 2018

We’ve talked before about the 3 qualities every dialysis technician has to have, but education is just as important. Are you curious about what you’ll learn in a dialysis technician course? Read on to learn the 3 key components in a dialysis technician course.

Kidney Science

Dialysis is the process in which a blood cleansing machine processes the toxins out of a patient’s body, replacing the natural function of the kidneys. Because you will be working closely with patients who have impaired or non-functioning kidneys, you will need to know the science behind them, including symptoms to look for that may lead you to reach out to a doctor. You will cover the anatomy of the kidneys and how they relate to other organs. You will also learn about the chemistry behind toxins in the body so you can understand what your patients are living without.

Patient Care

You will be working closely with your patients, most of whom will return to the same location at similar times throughout the week. Because you will get to know your patients, it’s important to understand how best to relate to them. You want to be compassionate and caring, but it’s also important to note that many patients who receive dialysis may not ever receive a new kidney, and may not get better. How you personally manage the complex emotions of this career will be part of your education in a dialysis technician course.


The most obvious part of a dialysis technician course is the actual dialysis machine and process. You will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the machine as well as monitoring its use during the dialysis process. You will learn how to recognize issues with the machine and how to monitor and record patient vitals.

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