Interesting Healthcare Career Stats in NYC

Interesting Healthcare Career Stats in NYC

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On May 30, 2017

One of the most common reasons for entering the healthcare field is job security. We’ve compiled 3 interesting NYC healthcare career stats that explain why job security is so great in the healthcare industry.

10% of Employed New Yorkers Work in Healthcare

That’s 894,190 people! Really, it’s even more people because this sector is experiencing growth, so the stats are pretty much outdated as soon as they are published. New York is ranked #9 in the country for the overall percentage of healthcare workers, primarily due to a strong job market and well-trained workers.

Technology Isn’t Stealing Jobs; It’s Creating Them

Ask most people what technology is doing to jobs, and you’ll get a post-apocalyptic explanation of how the robots and machines are going to replace us all, but when it comes to the healthcare industry, technology actually creates employment opportunities. While advanced technologies have definitely changed the way things are done, the human element has not disappeared from healthcare. Somebody has to run the machines, and new technologies have led to new elective medical procedures, such as laser eye surgery and joint replacement surgery. As technology continues to advance, more and more skilled workers will need to fill the new skill areas created.

28,500 New Education and Healthcare Jobs Were Added in 2017

The healthcare field is growing, and it makes sense. We have an aging population, and since healthcare is driven more by demographics than economic conditions, healthcare occupations are expected to grow in demand over the next decade or two. The average person has 9.2 surgeries in his or her life, many of them in the later years, and surgeries aren’t the only health need that increases as people age. Long-term care, hospice, general illnesses, and emergency procedures are more frequent, as well.

These interesting healthcare career stats in NYC help explain why healthcare jobs are so secure. If you are interested in joining the 10% of New Yorkers working in healthcare, check out our flexible and quick courses, many of which can be completed in less than a few months (and as little as a few weeks).