Inside Manhattan Institute

Inside Manhattan Institute

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On February 28, 2017

Are you looking for a new career in healthcare? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about what makes Manhattan Institute the perfect school to pursue your healthcare career.

Flexible Schedule

At Manhattan Institute, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We understand that just because you decide to go back to school doesn’t mean you can quit your job or put a pause on your bills. That’s why we have flexible schedules for all of our classes, with courses starting throughout the year so you can get started as soon as possible. Whether you need day, night, or weekend classes, we have something to fit your schedule.

Low Cost Education

One of the scariest things about going back to school is the thought of taking out mountains of student loans just to earn your education. We provide an affordable education. We won’t waste your time or money on filler classes that have nothing to do with your career, so you can trust that your money is actually going toward preparing you for your career. In addition to providing a low cost (high value) education, our financial aid department can help you find grants and loans to help offset the cost. Getting an education doesn’t have to end in years of student loan payments. With Manhattan Institute, we value affordability, as well as quality.

Extensive Training

Affordability isn’t the only important ingredient in a quality education. It is our job to prepare our students for their healthcare career, and we take that seriously. All of our courses include classroom learning and hands-on application so our students get the knowledge and the experience needed to be successful.

Job Placement Assistance

Speaking of your first job, we help with that too. We have an active placement service that helps graduates find career opportunities in healthcare. We also provide placement advisement for all of our graduates free of cost. Although we don’t guarantee job placement, we offer services to help our graduates develop self confidence, competency, and professionalism. Then, we help connect them with opportunities in the medical field.

If you are ready to start a career in healthcare, the first step is choosing a path. Manhattan Institute offers many courses to choose from. Pick one today and start the journey to your dream job.