Inside Look: Pharmacy Technician

Inside Look: Pharmacy Technician

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Pharmacy Technician
On December 22, 2016

The pharmacy technician is an integral part of the healthcare system. He or she works closely with the pharmacist in order to help patients get the medicine that they need quickly and accurately. Read on to learn more about the different pharmacy technician duties.

Pharmacy Technicians Work With Drugs

It should come as no surprise that pharmacy technician duties consist of spending a great deal of time handling prescription drugs. They are responsible for counting pills, filling bottles with the right medications, and double checking orders that come in from doctors. A pharmacy technician must be 100% accurate to ensure for proper dosages and patient safety. Medications are incredibly powerful, and mixing up two different pills could mean the difference between life and death for a patient. That’s why pharmacy technicians should have excellent math skills and attention to detail.

Pharmacy Technicians Talk To People

Although pharmacy technician duties don’t include counseling patients like pharmacists do, they do spend a lot of time interacting with people. They are often responsible for answering phones, billing insurance companies, and checking patients out when they pay for their medications. Like all other areas of healthcare, pharmacy technicians should have compassion for the patients they serve, recognizing that they often see people at their worst. Long lines are annoying any time, but when you are juggling two kids under 5 with earaches, it is even less bearable. Good pharmacy technicians help to put patients at ease when they interact with them.

Pharmacy Technicians Manage Supplies

Working in a pharmacy isn’t always glamorous. There is a lot of counting to be done, and many orders to be placed. Keeping track of what is and is not in stock is imperative to having a functioning pharmacy. Pharmacy technician duties include ordering new and replacement inventory, analyzing current stock, and keeping track of outgoing medication. Because pharmacies carry drugs that are heavily monitored by the government, their quantities are often limited. That means pharmacy technicians have to be careful not to run out.

Many prescription drugs are highly addictive and valuable. In order to become a pharmacy technician, you must be able to handle the environment. If this sounds like the right career for you, we can help you get started. Learn more about our pharmacy technician program today.