How to Prepare for a Pharmacy Technician Interview

How to Prepare for a Pharmacy Technician Interview

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Pharmacy Technician, Students
On August 23, 2018

So, you’ve landed your first pharmacy technician interview. Now it’s time to prepare! We’ve compiled our best advice for what to wear, how to prepare, and how to act to optimize your chances of landing the job! Read on to learn how to prepare for a pharmacy technician interview.

What to Wear to a Pharmacy Tech Interview

Dress conservatively for a pharmacy tech interview. Wear business appropriate clothing like a modest skirt or pants and a nice shirt. Don’t overdo it with accessories; instead, stick with no more than a few pieces and no more than one statement piece. You do want the interviewer to remember you, so wearing a memorable scarf, necklace, or tie will be helpful. Learn more about what to wear to an interview.

Before The Interview

Research the company. Get basic information in case they ask you what you think about their current practices. Think about questions you would ask if you were the interviewer and come up with appropriate answers for each. Research popular interview questions and prepare your answers for them. Research the current state of pharmaceutical science and ways that pharmacy technicians’ roles are changing, so you can talk about current trends in the industry. If you’ve never been to the location, be sure to get thorough directions. You may even want to travel to the interview location ahead of your interview to make sure you know where you are going.

Day of the Interview

Whatever you do, don’t be late. Try to arrive 10 minutes before the interview. If you absolutely must be late, know that even a valid excuse may be difficult to recover from. Call as soon as you know you will be late and offer to reschedule with a brief explanation of your valid reason for tardiness. Do not over apologize as this will make you look suspicious. Be sure to bring multiple copies of your resume, a notepad to take notes with, and your smile. Be prepared to ask questions about the job, but do not ask how much you will be making right away. Do your research to determine your job duties and wait for them to bring up pay. Also, beware of asking for time off during your initial interview; there will be plenty of time to discuss time off after you are hired.

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