How to Find a Job as a Personal Trainer in NYC

How to Find a Job as a Personal Trainer in NYC

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Personal Fitness Trainer
On May 11, 2016

Finding a job as a personal trainer can be intimidating, but there are plenty of opportunities in NYC. If you are wondering how to find a job as a personal trainer in NYC, you have come to the right place. These three tips will have you making a difference in clients’ lives in no time.

Start Small and Work Your Way Out

If you want to be a personal trainer, you probably already have connections. Think of the many people you know who attend or work at gyms. Start at the gym or gyms where you personally work out and ask if they are hiring personal trainers. If they aren’t looking, broaden your search. If you can find an open position at a gym where you know an employee or client, you will likely be fast-tracked for an interview. If you still run into dead ends, search job sites like Indeed to find positions available in your community.

Become a Solopreneur

More and more people are working for themselves, and personal training is certainly a career that lends itself to entrepreneurship. As a freelancer, you will be responsible for a lot more than just personal training. You will need to learn about marketing, bookkeeping, and how to find clients, but the rewards may well be worth it.

You can train people in your home, their home, online, or even in your own studio or gym. How you run your business will likely depend on how much money and time you have to invest as well as the type of personal training you would like to do. Learn about how to start your own business in NYC.

Get Certified

Getting certified in personal fitness is not required to work as a personal trainer, but it certainly helps. Obtaining your personal training certification shows your dedication and professionalism to potential employers. More importantly, a strong certification program will prepare you for the many challenges you will face as a personal trainer.

Personal training certification programs, like the one we offer here at The Manhattan Institute, will not only teach you how to find and motivate clients but also how to handle the legal and business sides of personal training. In addition, personal training programs will teach you anatomic and kinesthetic knowledge, as well as a wide variety of techniques to help you train clients of varying ability levels.


Once you know how to find a job as a personal trainer in NYC, your options are endless. Figure out what your ideal job as a personal trainer looks like, and then go for it. Want to improve your career and get certified in personal fitness? Learn more about our certification program!