How to Become a Certified Personal Trainer in NYC

How to Become a Certified Personal Trainer in NYC

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Personal Fitness Trainer
On April 30, 2019

If you love all things fitness, are a regular at the gym and are looking for a new and rewarding career, why not become a personal trainer? The healthcare industry is exploding, and certified personal trainers are in high demand. Best of all, you can complete your training and certification in as little as seven months.

Here’s how to become a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) in four easy steps:

Pick a Program

There are several options for CPT programs, so you can choose what works best for your time, learning style, and goals. Whatever you choose, it’s important to go with an accredited program. Accreditation means your certification will be more widely recognized and respected and will give you an edge over other certifications.

Complete your Coursework

If you love learning and are highly disciplined, a self-guided study may be a good fit. In this type of program, you’ll be given a textbook, supplemental learning materials, and you’ll complete coursework online. You may also be expected to complete chapter or topic exams at certain intervals to ensure you stay on track with the program’s timeline.

If you prefer collaboration and a hands-on approach, consider a program that offers a classroom learning option. You’ll learn the same material in a group setting under the expert guidance of an instructor.

Get Help with Hands-on Training

Once you’ve completed your coursework, you’ll practice what you’ve learned on-site in a fitness center. The externship helps you to explore a real-world setting under the guidance of a more experienced trainer. You’ll fine-tune your skills as a trainer while getting feedback from both your instructor and potential clients.

Ace your Exam

It’s time to make that coursework count! To complete your certification, you’ll need to pass an exam with your program of choice. Most programs require a minimum passing score of 70% to earn your certification. Once you’ve passed your exam, it’s time to celebrate - you’re certified!

If you’re ready to start a new career as a Certified Personal Trainer, check out the Manhattan Institute’s upcoming class schedules. Our fitness trainer course is the only New York State-licensed, nationally-accredited, NASM-certified career school choice. If you want the gold standard for your new career as a Certified Personal Trainer, contact us today.