How Pharmacy Technicians Can Practice Attention to Detail

How Pharmacy Technicians Can Practice Attention to Detail

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Pharmacy Technician
On November 28, 2017

Attention to detail is your most important skill as a pharmacy technician. One small mistake can have a major impact on a patient’s life. But how can you keep sharp and make sure you are improving your accuracy? Read on to learn how pharmacy technicians can practice attention to detail.

Limit Distractions to Improve Attention to Detail

Whether you are a seasoned pharmacy technician or are just thinking about becoming one, you know that attention to detail is one of the most important parts of the job. Your attention span is dramatically impacted by external and internal distractions. You may not have full control over your environment, but you can limit internal distractions. Make sure you show up to work well-rested, and don’t skip lunch or your hunger may get in the way of a job well-executed. Also, try to leave personal drama outside the door when you come to work. It can be difficult, but it is important to minimize internal distractions so you can perform your job duties to the best of your ability.

Practice Attention to Detail with Puzzles

Putting together a puzzle may seem like a relaxing (or even boring) task, but it turns out that piecing puzzles together increases your overall attention to detail. Because the task requires you to focus in on minute visual clues to find the right pieces, it’s a workout for your brain. New to putting puzzles together? Don’t feel like you have to jump right in and finish one right away. Set up a folding table somewhere out of the way at home and spend 10-15 minutes a day trying to fit pieces together.

Practice Attention to Detail with Apps

There are plenty of brain-training apps out there that will help you practice attention to detail. Lumosity is the most popular, but any app that revolves around finding matched sets, spotting differences, or other subtle clues is a good one to use. If it feels like you are having to think, and a minor mistake will keep you from winning, the app is probably good to practice your attention to detail.

No matter how you choose to practice attention to detail, there’s no need to overdo it. Spending 3 hours after work practicing attention to detail won’t help; it will just tire you out. Instead, do small bursts of practice over a long period of time for sustained improvement.

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