Facts About Working in NYC

Facts About Working in NYC

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On March 30, 2017

Working in NYC is different from working anywhere else in the world, but you have no idea just how different it is. Read on to learn some interesting facts about working in NYC.

Your Co-Workers Will Change

Did you know that approximately 250,000 people move to NYC every year with a similar number moving out? The hustle and bustle of the city extends to the workplace as co-workers move in and out of the city and switch positions and/or employers. Don’t expect to see the same faces year after year; co-workers will change over time.

You Will Encounter Countless Cultures and Languages

Particularly if you work in the healthcare or service industry, you will meet people from all kinds of backgrounds. Over 800 languages are spoken in NYC, and it is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Speaking a second (or third, fourth, fifth, etc.) language is a major plus in the NYC employment landscape.

Your Commute Will Drain You (If You Let It)

Public transportation is excellent in NYC, but the commute will still drain you. The average New Yorker travels 40 minutes to work each day, and research shows that time spent commuting is time NOT spent exercising or sleeping - two important aspects of your health. Want to cut down the negative impact of your commute? People who walk, bike, or take the train are happier than those who drive, take the bus, or take the subway. Plus, if you’re being active while commuting, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

You Will Find Opportunity

Don’t let the facts about working in NYC scare you. NYC is consistently ranked highest in available opportunities when compared to other cities around the world - which is why so many people move there seeking a fresh start. If you are looking for career opportunities, NYC is the place to be. No matter what your goal, there is someone looking to hire for your dream position.

Working in NYC may have its challenges, but the robust offerings of the city are worth the trade-offs. And you can’t beat the opportunities available in the big city. Interested in working in the healthcare field here in NYC? Learn how to get started.