Entry Level EKG Technician Responsibilities

Entry Level EKG Technician Responsibilities

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in EKG Technician
On July 06, 2018

You’ve completed your EKG technician training course, and now you’re ready to start a career as an EKG technician. Are you curious about what exactly you’ll be doing? Read on to learn all about entry level EKG technician responsibilities.

EKG Technician Responsibilities & Duties

You’ll be responsible for running the electrocardiogram machine, from cleaning and setting it up, to monitoring it and checking for errors. You’ll also be responsible for conducting the actual EKG test, during which you will interact with patients and record all test results, paying close attention for any inconsistencies that may indicate a heart problem. You will need to maintain records of these tests and keep accurate documentation of everything that occurs under your watch.

EKG Technician Training

Your training course has prepared you to work in this environment, but you’ll still want to spend time developing the 5 skills every EKG technician should have. When you first start your position, you will likely have a trainer to help you get acclimated. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during this time. Even though you’ve received an education, there are plenty of workplace-specific protocols, rules, and procedures to learn. Never feel like you are asking a silly question. If you don’t understand something, seek clarification right away rather than waiting. Trainers and co-workers will be more than happy to give advice and guidance to new employees.

Entry Level EKG Technician Jobs

Are you still looking for the perfect EKG technician job? Entry level positions can be found at hospitals, nursing homes, and diagnostic centers. Many doctor’s offices have their own EKG technicians on-site to facilitate faster diagnoses, particularly if they cater to older clientele or those at risk for heart problems. Learn more about where EKG technicians can work.

Learn more about EKG technicians, like how much they make and how long it takes to become one. If you still need to complete your training, learn more about our enrollment process or get started today.

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