Dialysis Technicians: Impacting Lives Everyday

Dialysis Technicians: Impacting Lives Everyday

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Dialysis Technician
On July 13, 2017

Dialysis technicians make a major difference in people’s lives every single day - often without being recognized. But today, we are going to explore how dialysis technicians impact the lives of their patients and why you may want to become one.

What is a Dialysis Technician?

Dialysis technicians help patients with kidney disease stay alive by overseeing the process of dialysis - where a machine filters out the toxins from a person’s body when his or her kidneys are unable to do so. Dialysis is the only thing keeping these patients alive, but as long as they receive treatment, they are able to extend the length and quality of their lives.

What Do Dialysis Technicians Do?

A lot goes into being a dialysis technician. Dialysis technicians are responsible for the entire dialysis process. They clean, test, and prepare the machine for each patient. During treatment, dialysis technicians monitor and adjust for anticoagulant and fluid levels. After treatment, they are responsible for disconnecting and cleaning the machine. Other responsibilities include checking vitals, administering anesthesia, and responding to emergencies.

How Do Dialysis Technicians Make a Difference?

Dialysis technicians don’t just handle the technical and medical portions of dialysis. Because patients come in regularly for treatment, dialysis technicians get to know them. Many times, a patient’s dialysis technician will become a familiar face and friend who helps during difficult times. Dialysis technicians keep patients alive because of the important work they do, but they also improve quality of life by providing friendly care in an uplifting environment. By focusing on patients as individuals and caring the person, as well as the disease, dialysis technicians impact lives everyday.

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