CNA in a Hospital vs. Nursing Home

CNA in a Hospital vs. Nursing Home

By Manhattan Institute
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On March 07, 2018

There are a lot of places you can work as a CNA. Most CNAs start out working in nursing homes because there are so many readily available jobs. Many go on to work at hospitals or start out there. What’s the difference between working as a CNA in a hospital vs. nursing home? Read on to learn more.

Working as a CNA in a Nursing Home

Most CNAs start their work in a nursing home or other long term care facility. These jobs are demanding, but they are a great way to gain experience. Many CNAs start in these facilities planning to move to the hospital setting, but then find they enjoy working with the same patients daily. Nursing home care varies from facility to facility, but CNAs tend to be worked pretty hard in this environment. You will likely be responsible for anywhere from 12-24 patients. CNA job duties will primarily focus on the personal care of these patients and will include a lot of lifting. Most CNAs agree that nursing home care is faster paced than hospital care, but a lot of people enjoy the constant movement.

What Does a CNA Do in a Hospital Setting?

CNA jobs in hospitals can be difficult to find unless you know someone, have built up some experience, or have taken the time to volunteer at the hospital. They tend to be a little slower paced than nursing home jobs, and while you may have a lot of patients at once, you will usually have more help than you would in a nursing home. But there are some unique challenges in the hospital setting, as well. As a hospital CNA, you will see different patients every day. The turnover means that your daily schedule and to do list changes every day. Your hospital may also require additional training so that you can complete additional medical tasks like help with EKGs.

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CNA Salary Hospital vs. Nursing Home

One of the reasons that hospital CNA jobs are so highly sought after is because they tend to pay better than nursing home jobs. According to, the average CNA (who works in a hospital or similar setting) earns $31,487 per year. They also have access to hospital benefits which tend to be some of the best available to workers. On the other hand, the average nursing home CNA earns $26,354 per year. While they do have access to benefits, they may not be as extraordinary as hospital benefits packages.

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