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By Manhattan Institute, Posted in Students

You’ve earned your education, and now it’s time for the ‘make it or break it’ certification exam. It’s okay to be stressed out; this is high stakes testing at its finest. Just remember, most certification exams allow a number of retakes if you don’t pass the first time. More importantly, you have worked hard to learn rather than just memorize information, and you can do this! You just need to learn how to study for a certification exam, and we’ve got you covered.... read more.

  • June 25, 2018

By Manhattan Institute, Posted in Students

Being a student can be stressful, but being a student on a budget in Manhattan can be beyond overwhelming. We’ve compiled some of the best tips and tricks for living on a student budget in Manhattan. Read on to learn how to save money while still enjoying life in the city.... read more.

  • June 19, 2018

By Manhattan Institute, Posted in Dialysis Technician

We’ve talked before about the 3 qualities every dialysis technician has to have, but education is just as important. Are you curious about what you’ll learn in a dialysis technician course? Read on to learn the 3 key components in a dialysis technician course.  ... read more.

  • June 12, 2018

By Manhattan Institute, Posted in Medical Assistant

There are many reasons why becoming a medical assistant is an excellent choice, but we’ve compiled the 4 biggest perks of being a medical assistant for your review. Who knows, it may just be the perfect fit for you!... read more.

  • May 31, 2018

By Manhattan Institute, Posted in Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician

Many people looking for an entry level position in the healthcare field are confused by the difference between a patient care technician and a medical assistant. Read on to learn how the two positions are similar and how they’re different.... read more.

  • May 25, 2018

By Manhattan Institute, Posted in EKG Technician

EKG technicians are an important part of the allied healthcare team. They provide necessary cardiac testing to diagnose, monitor, and improve heart health. Read on to learn where EKG technicians can work and everything else you need to know to get started in this field.... read more.

  • May 16, 2018

By Manhattan Institute, Posted in Personal Fitness Trainer

We’ve talked about what it takes to be a successful personal trainer, and one of the most important things is that you inspire the people who work with you. Read on to learn about 3 successful personal trainers who inspire us. Be prepared, though; you just may decide to become a personal trainer yourself.... read more.

  • May 08, 2018

By Manhattan Institute, Posted in Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomists are a crucial part of the healthcare team, and they can work in many different places. Read on to answer the question, “where can a phlebotomist work?”. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities exist.... read more.

  • May 01, 2018

By Manhattan Institute, Posted in Personal Fitness Trainer

If someone is trusting you to be their personal trainer, they are putting their health in your hands. They expect that you will be able to guide them safely through the process of improving their physical fitness, but what qualifies you to help them? Read on to learn 3 qualifications needed to become a personal trainer.... read more.

  • April 18, 2018

By Manhattan Institute, Posted in CNA

Whether you are thinking about becoming a CNA or have already accepted your first job, you’re probably wondering what makes a good CNA. In a field with so many demands, it can be difficult to determine where you should focus your attention. Read on to learn what makes a good CNA - and how to be the best CNA possible for your patients.... read more.

  • April 10, 2018