5 Tips for Focusing in Class

5 Tips for Focusing in Class

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On January 16, 2017

One of the most important keys to succeeding in class is staying focused. Focusing in class will help you learn material quickly and efficiently. But how can you increase your focus when your teacher is boring and the material is confusing? We have 5 tips for focusing in class and succeeding!

1. Take Notes.

Being actively engaged in class makes it easier to focus. Not only will taking notes help you stay tuned to your teacher’s lecture, but you will also be likely to remember information at test time (or when you are finding it difficult to draw a patient’s blood). This is particularly effective for students who like to move around. Putting your energy into typing or writing rather than fidgeting is a great way to ensure you are focusing in class.

2. Make Comments.

Your teacher likely asks questions during class, and if you are like most students, you rarely answer them. You’d rather leave that to the students who answer every question. Participating in class may be uncomfortable, particularly if you are struggling with the material or don’t like speaking in front of people. Still, choosing to make comments and ask questions is a great way to increase your focus. If you are actively seeking an opportunity to ask or answer a question, then its clear you are focusing in class.

3. Choose Your Seat Wisely.

If you always look out the window, sit on the other side of the room. If you get distracted by other classmates, sit in the front of the class. Don’t just choose your seat based on what is comfortable; choose to minimize your distractions. When in doubt, sit in the front of the room or in the middle. This T is where the most attentive and successful students tend to sit.

4. Be Prepared.

If you aren’t prepared for class, then you won’t be focusing in class - especially if you are trying to cram for an end of class exam or frantically finish homework that is due that day in class. You control your level of preparation, and when you come to class unprepared, you cheat yourself of opportunities to learn. Be sure to bring all necessary supplies (including note taking materials) and assignments to class and you will be well on your way to staying focused.

5. Ditch the Phone.

Your phone can be a great asset to your learning, especially with education apps and digital books, but it can also be a distraction. If your phone distracts you during class, turn it off before class starts. If you still can’t avoid temptation, leave it in the car or at home. Removing the temptation to check your messages or play a quick game is one of the fastest ways to increase your focus in class.

These 5 tips for focusing in class should help you get the year started in the right direction! What’s your favorite tip for focusing in class?