5 Skills Every EKG Technician Should Have

5 Skills Every EKG Technician Should Have

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in EKG Technician
On June 29, 2017

Whether you already are an EKG Technician or are interested in becoming one, these skills are essential to your success. Read on to learn 5 skills every EKG Technician should have.

Caregiving Skills

Like most healthcare professionals, EKG technicians work closely with patients during difficult times in their lives. It is crucial that a good EKG technician develop caregiving skills to provide positive bedside manner to all patients. You need to develop patience and empathy in order to do your job well. You will encounter frustrating patients and patients whose condition may upset you. Learning to show compassion while guarding your own emotions is a difficult line to walk, but it is one that every EKG technician must master.

Attention to Detail

These tests are crucial to your patients’ well-being. As you monitor them, you will need to pay attention at all times. In addition to monitoring the EKG, you will also be responsible for monitoring the patient while he or she is in your presence. Picking up on small things that may be off and having the confidence to bring them to the doctor or nurse’s attention will be an important part of your job.

Communication Skills

Every EKG technician should have the ability to communicate well with patients and other healthcare professionals. This includes actively listening when a patient or co-worker is telling you something. Patients often have a difficult time discussing their health so it is important that you practice asking follow-up questions and restating what they’ve said in your own words to make sure you understood correctly. This will also validate their feelings and help them feel more comfortable with you.

Recording Skills

A test is only as good as the recording of it. You will be responsible for recording sensitive health information, and it is imperative that you do so to the best of your ability. It is easy to cut corners to save time, but a thorough recording of the test is necessary for your patient to receive proper diagnosis and/or treatment. Be fast, but never be casual with your recording.

Technology Skills

The face of healthcare has changed dramatically in the past few decades, and as an EKG technician, you will be dealing with advanced technology. Not only will be using technology to do the EKG, but you will also likely use advanced computer systems and softwares for your recording, monitoring, and other duties.

The best way to make sure that you are prepared for a career as an EKG technician is to take a course that teaches you these 5 skills every EKG technician should have. If you are in the Manhattan area, check out our program to see how quickly you can master these skills.