4 Tips for Interviewing for a Position at a NY Hospital

4 Tips for Interviewing for a Position at a NY Hospital

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On September 16, 2016

The New York job market is highly competitive, and interviewing for a position at a NY Hospital can be intimidating - especially if you’re interviewing at one of the top hospitals. There’s no need to stress about your interview, though. If you follow these 4 tips for interviewing for a position at a NY hospital, you’ll be just fine.

Show Up On Time

There’s no faster way to get your resume thrown in the trash can than to show up late to your interview. In a city where traffic and commuter delays are common, you need to plan ahead to get to your interview on time. Remember that your interviewer does not know your track record. Showing up to your interview late makes you look bad even if it’s the only time you’ve been late in the past ten years. Plan to arrive early so that you will be prepared for any emergencies or delays that arise.

Answer Questions Thoughtfully

Interviewers ask a lot of questions, and it can be overwhelming. It is okay to take a deep breath and think for a moment before you answer a question. When you do answer, be sure to focus on actions you’ve taken and their results rather than just describing situations.

Before your interview, you should prepare a few relevant experiences that you think would be good to tie into your answers. Consider times that you were successful, overcame a challenge, or dealt with difficult people.

Ask Questions

There are two prime opportunities to ask questions during the interview - at the beginning and the end. When you are first introduced, you may want to ask questions like, “how long have you been a part of the team?”

At the end of the interview, you should ask any questions you have. If you can’t think of any, consider some of the following. How would you describe the culture at this hospital? What is your favorite thing about working here? What unique challenges does this hospital/floor/unit face? What do you wish you knew before you started working here?

Follow Up

Following up with a thank you email is absolutely crucial to getting the job. It shows you are professional and considerate. If you really want to stand out, consider sending handwritten thank you cards rather than an email. If you were interviewed by multiple people, you need to send each of them an individual and unique card or email.

Be sure to spell their names correctly and mention something specific from the interview so that they remember you.

If you follow these four tips for interviewing for a position at a NY hospital, you’ll be well on your way to landing your dream job. Still trying to figure out what healthcare job is right for you? Check out our current program list and get started on your healthcare career path today!