4 Things To Consider When You Change Healthcare Careers

4 Things To Consider When You Change Healthcare Careers

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Students
On February 27, 2018

You love helping people as a member of the healthcare community, but you’re ready for a change. At The Manhattan Institute, we’ve helped countless students transition to more fulfilling careers. To help make your switch, we’ve compiled a list of 4 things to consider when you change healthcare careers.

What Do You Enjoy?

Healthcare isn’t always fun, but you’ve been around the scene long enough to know which parts you enjoy and which you’d rather do without. When you change healthcare careers, you should take some time to evaluate what exactly you enjoy doing as a healthcare provider. Are there certain tasks that bring you the most joy? Do you enjoy working with specific types of patients or in certain environments? Your new healthcare job will surely require tasks that aren’t your favorite, but don’t settle for a healthcare career that doesn’t fulfill you in some way.

What Are You Good At?

A lot of healthcare providers change careers after gaining a little bit of experience. One of the reasons this happens is because they recognize a natural talent that could be better put to use in a different position. If you are uncertain of your strongest skills, consider asking co-workers or your supervisor what they think.

What Does It Pay?

Money may not be the only, or even the most, important thing when choosing a new healthcare career - but it’s certainly on the list. We’ve compiled a list of the highest paying medical jobs in NY, and we found that the professions listed are well-paid across the country. Do your research and pick a job that will meet your financial needs well into the future and allow for growth and advancement.

How Long Will Training Take?

Depending on your current training level and desired career, training could take anywhere from 4 weeks to several years. We provide training programs for a number of healthcare careers - all streamlined to get you back to work as soon as possible. Learn more about the The Manhattan Institute enrollment process. We hope you’ll choose us to help you on your journey to a new healthcare career.

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