4 Healthcare Facilities You Can Work in as a CNA

4 Healthcare Facilities You Can Work in as a CNA

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in CNA
On January 18, 2016

CNAs work under RNs or LPNs and provide hands-on healthcare to patients. They also help patients with daily living tasks they are unable to do themselves, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and going to the bathroom. Earning your CNA opens countless doors to employment in the healthcare field.

Where can a CNA work? These 4 healthcare facilities you can work in as a CNA encompass many of the jobs available for CNAs, but this list is not exhaustive. CNAs work in countless healthcare facilities as the first line of patient care. Read on to learn where a CNA can work, including the four most common healthcare facilities.


When you imagine working as a CNA, you probably imagine working in a hospital. In a hospital, CNAs provide basic care to patients, working with multiple patients each shift. Your duties may include gathering intake information, taking vitals, and helping patients with grooming and going to the bathroom.

Assisted Living Facility

Working in an assisted living facility can be a very rewarding job as you will get to know many of the patients you serve. Your patients will be elderly people with varying levels of needs. Your duties may include daily vitals, helping patients with grooming and going to the bathroom, cleaning, meal prep, and laundry. Every assisted living facility is different, and your duties will vary depending on where you work.

Home Health Agency

Many CNAs enjoy working as a home health aide for a home health agency. Home health aides are assigned one patient who they care for over an extended period of time. You may be responsible for taking vitals, helping your patient with grooming and going to the bathroom, distributing medication at the proper times, cleaning, meal prep, and laundry. In addition, you will be spending a lot of time with your patient and will likely be providing socialization as well.

Nursing Home

Working in a nursing home means you will be working with patients in need of fairly extensive care. Most of your patients will be nearing the end of their lives. You will be responsible for helping them with daily tasks, monitoring their health, and reporting any new medical problems. You will also likely grow close to your patients and their families. Because of the nature of a nursing home, you will see patients die and encounter grieving families, many of whom you will have come to know. Being sensitive to the needs of grieving families is essential for people working in a nursing home setting.

So, where can a CNA work? The most common places are a hospital, assisted living facility, home health agency, and a nursing home. These four healthcare facilities you can work in as a CNA are only the tip of the iceberg. As a CNA, you will be a valuable part of the healthcare team - caring for patients directly every day. Interested in becoming a CNA? Enroll in our CNA course and get started today!