4 Analytical Skills Every Medical Biller Should Have

4 Analytical Skills Every Medical Biller Should Have

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Medical Billing & Coding
On January 15, 2019

Every career requires a specific subset of skills in order to excel, and when it comes to being a medical biller, it’s all about analytical skills. Read on to learn the 4 analytical skills every medical biller should have.

Recording Facts

The most obvious analytical skill required in order to become a medical biller is being able to record facts quickly and accurately. Medical billers deal with countless numbers that can all blur together; they must keep this information clean, tidy, and legible — for patients, office records, and insurance companies. It’s important that this information is accurate as it determines the amount of money that individuals and insurance companies pay for care, as well as the actual accounts receivable for the medical institution.

Synthesizing Information

There are multiple ways to bill different things depending on the circumstances, and knowing which code to use under which circumstance is a critical part of being a medical biller. You must look at the whole picture of a patient’s care in order to understand how to bill and code the care.


There are plenty of tools to help with memorizing medical billing codes, and you can always look them up in a book or on an app. But a good medical biller still takes the time to memorize those codes which will help him or her work more efficiently and accurately. Less commonly used codes should be memorized and noted for quick double checking to ensure accuracy.

Thinking Quickly

There’s a lot of billing to be done in the healthcare world, and your job is critical to the staffing and operation of the hospital or medical office you work in. The more quickly you can think, and thus, work, the better equipped you will be for the demands of being a medical biller.

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