3 Ways to Excel in a Hands-On Personal Fitness Trainer Program

3 Ways to Excel in a Hands-On Personal Fitness Trainer Program

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Personal Fitness Trainer
On February 22, 2019

If you think that personal fitness trainer programs are as simple as watching some videos online and taking a quick test, then you certainly won’t be prepared to be a successful personal trainer.

Taking a comprehensive, hands-on personal fitness trainer program often provides potential trainers with not only the lectures and written curriculum that they’ll need for a basic understanding of clients’ physiology or nutrition, but also experience in the field with actual client needs and various types of equipment to utilize.


While completing a personal fitness trainer program, students should think about their next career step – specialization. Trainers that specialize on specific groups of people and their goals can position their personal training services above those of other trainers when they’re out in the real world. Having a specialized group of clients can help to keep a trainer in demand throughout the year.


Keeping up to date with all the certifications needed to be a personal trainer can be difficult (More tests? Who needs them!?!), but these certifications are essential to the field and help clients select the best trainer for their needs. Choosing a NASM-certified career school can help by providing trainers with benefits such as gaining special NASM distinctions that never expire in addition to the hours of hands-on learning.


Comprehensive, hands-on personal fitness trainer programs require time, pure and simple. When students in top personal fitness trainer programs give themselves the time to develop the skills and training necessary, these students fair better in courses. Fitness clients see and understand the time that their trainers put in too – knowing the needs of clients and how to help reach their goals is part of the experience that a trainer can only develop over time.

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