3 Tips for Certified Personal Trainers to Build Clientele

3 Tips for Certified Personal Trainers to Build Clientele

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Personal Fitness Trainer
On August 08, 2017

Whether you work for yourself or for one of the best gyms in New York, as a certified personal trainer, you are probably responsible for building your own clientele. You may be the fittest, most inspirational personal trainer in the world, but if you aren’t actively promoting yourself, how will people know how great you are? Thankfully, we’ve compiled 3 tips for certified personal trainers to build clientele.

Offer Free or Reduced Rate Training

If you are just starting out or have recently become a certified personal trainer, you need a way to show people your skills. They want someone who has experience and has proven results. Build up your reputation by offering a limited number of free or reduced rate training spots in exchange for taking pictures and/or video of your sessions, before and after pictures of your client, and an awesome testimonial about how great you were to work with. Once you have a few successful clients, you will be able to share their stories with potential clientele to encourage them to work with you.

Promote Yourself Online

There are physical trainers at the top of salary bracket who never train individuals or teach classes in person. Instead, they rely on social media, videos, a website, and other technology tools to reach a wide audience. Start by sharing workout tips on your existing social media profiles. Ask your friends if they have any questions about working out or eating healthy. Then, turn your answers into a blog or website where you can share your knowledge (and your services) with the world wide web.

Offer Refer-A-Friend Discounts & Rewards

This is a great tip, especially for trainers who work for themselves. Word of mouth is the best way to get new clients because people trust their friends way more than they will trust a stranger. Consider offering a free training session for every new client that your current clients refer. You could even help them promote your services on social media by sharing celebration photos when they reach major milestones. You could also offer a free bring a friend class once a month where paying clients can bring someone for free or a reduced rate.

The key to building clientele as a personal trainer is consistency. The more people you help, the more they will share your message and services with the people around them. Interested in becoming a certified personal trainer? Get started today.