3 Resume Tips for Certified Nurse Assistants

3 Resume Tips for Certified Nurse Assistants

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in CNA
On September 29, 2017

So you’ve found a job (or 10) to apply for as a Certified Nurse Assistant and it’s time to write your resume. There’s no need to panic! We’ve got 3 resume tips for Certified Nurse Assistants to help you land your dream job.

Plan Your CNA Resume From Top to Bottom

Every inch of space matters on your CNA resume, but most hirers will only scan it for a couple seconds. You can bet your pantry full of ramen that they will catch the faintest typo, but don’t be surprised if most of your hard work goes unnoticed. Place the most impressive details of your resume near the top and draw attention with bold and italics (sparingly) to key information.

Don’t get trapped by a resume template into a format that doesn’t work for you. It doesn’t matter what order you present the information as long as it is all there (though your name and contact information should be at the very top). If you have CNA job experience, lead with that. Just got your certificate? Put your education above your work history. Volunteered at the hospital you are applying at? Feel free to put that at the top. All experience counts, and you want to lead with whatever section qualifies you MOST for the position.

Tailor Your Resume to This Specific CNA Job Description

The best resumes are unique, even if you are applying to multiple similar positions. Stand out from the crowd by reviewing the CNA job description for the position you are applying for. Then, use similar language in your own resume. If the job description calls for excellent “interpersonal skills”, don’t waste an opportunity to impress by talking about how you “demonstrated communication skills” when you can use their language instead. This is one of those little details that goes a long way to securing a job. You may even decide to add certain accomplishments that fit the specific job description.

Design Matters in Your CNA Resume

Interviewers throw away most resumes that cross their desk, and it doesn’t take much to end up in the ‘no’ pile, especially for a sought-after position at your dream hospital. Go above and beyond with a professional design that looks modern and neat. Be sure that your design doesn’t distract from your information. Instead, use the design to draw the interviewer’s eye through the key points (and anything you want him or her to notice) as quickly as possible. Not sure how to design a resume? Hire a designer or use a free template you find online. Just be sure it looks professional and unique.

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