3 Reasons Why Becoming a Medical Assistant Is a Good Career Choice

3 Reasons Why Becoming a Medical Assistant Is a Good Career Choice

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Medical Assistant
On January 10, 2018

When you were little, everyone asked what you wanted to be when you grew up. Now, you’re grown and still trying to figure things out. If you are looking for a good career choice, you should consider becoming a medical assistant. Medical assisting pays well, is incredibly rewarding, and doesn’t take long to get started. Read on to learn why becoming a medical assistant is a good career choice.

Becoming a Medical Assistant Pays Well

According to salary.com, the average annual income for a medical assistant in the United States is $33,459. Most salaries range from $28,472 to $38,552. The average hourly wage is $16 with most wages landing between $14 and $19 per hour. In larger cities, medical assisting jobs may pay even more. For instance, the average annual income for medical assistants in New York is $38,733 which breaks down to $19 per hour.

Medical Assisting is Rewarding

Medical assistants do a lot of things. They are responsible for taking and recording vital signs, coordinating with other healthcare professionals, and performing administrative tasks. They may also be responsible for billing and coding, blood draws, or even performing diagnostic tests on their own. Their primary role is in patient care. Medical Assistants spend a lot of time with patients and their families. Their tasks all contribute to the wellbeing of their patients. Even though the job can be difficult at times, knowing that you are working to help people will make it all worthwhile.

It Doesn’t Take Long To Become a Medical Assistant

The main reason becoming a medical assistant is a good career choice is because it doesn’t take very long to get started. If you can find a medical professional willing to train you on the job, all you need to get started is a high school diploma or GED. Since these positions can be difficult to find, most medical assistants choose to complete a training course and earn their certificate. At The Manhattan Institute, our training course takes 30 weeks and fully prepares you for your certification exam. Plus, the last ten weeks are an externship where you earn money while finishing your training. In just over half a year, you could be certified as a medical assistant in your state.

If you’re ready to start the journey to become a medical assistant, learn more about enrollment or get started today!

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