3 Qualifications Needed to Become a Personal Trainer

3 Qualifications Needed to Become a Personal Trainer

By Manhattan Institute
Posted in Personal Fitness Trainer
On April 18, 2018

If someone is trusting you to be their personal trainer, they are putting their health in your hands. They expect that you will be able to guide them safely through the process of improving their physical fitness, but what qualifies you to help them? Read on to learn 3 qualifications needed to become a personal trainer.

Personal Physical Fitness

One of the first things your potential clients will judge is your own personal physical fitness. That’s not to say that you must be thin and/or buff to be a personal trainer. Being physically fit in whatever way works for your body type and personal health is the key. There are plenty of clients out there who would prefer to work with a less intimidating personal trainer who has a body that looks closer to their own so feel confident in your own abilities and your own skin. Just be capable of doing the things you require of your clients.

Knowledge of Anatomy and Exercise Physiology

Did you know that there is technically no education needed to become a personal trainer? Unfortunately, that means a lot of trainers out there don’t have the knowledge they need to help clients be successful. In a personal fitness trainer course, you will learn all about anatomy and exercise physiology so that you have an understanding of how training affects different bodies. This knowledge is crucial to helping your clients find success.

Empathy and Encouragement

Every body is different, and when you work as a personal trainer, you will encounter clients at varying levels of fitness and capability. It’s your job to push them while encouraging, rather than discouraging them. This is a great skill to practice with your family and friends before taking on paid clients.

Why You Need a Training Program

You don’t need a personal training certification to work as a personal trainer, but getting certified is usually the best career move because it proves your competency in these areas. Certification increases your odds of finding employment in a gym and also proves that you have the qualities needed to be a successful personal trainer.

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